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Our Students

    Our Students

    PAGHMANI NARGIS, Afghanistan, 1st year MBBS student, Pirogov medical university


    Touray Sulayman, Gambia, 1st year MBBS student at Dagestan State Medical University


    Obeke Chukwuebuka Wisdom-Daniel, Nigeria, 1st year MBBS student at Dagestan State Medical University


    NURAMIRA EMILIN BINTI MOHD SHAKRI, Malaysia, 1st year MBBS student at Pirogov Russian National Medical University


    SHILONGO PADELIA NDAPANDULA, 1st year student General Medicine, Chechen State University


    NAIDOO ABIGAIL RICHARDS, 1st year student General Medicine, Chechen State University


    NYAMUZIHWA LENAH RUVIMBO, Zimbabwe, Preparatory medical course student, Pirogov Russian National Medical University


    Abamba Chinedu Solomon, Nigeria, Preparatory course, Grozny Oil&gas university


    Jongoni Munyaradzi Godfrey, Zimbabwe, Preparatory course, Grozny Oil&gas university


    Ealid Mahmoud Mohamed Abdellatif, Egypt, Preparatory course, Grozny Oil&gas university


    Bakhe Dlamini, Swaziland, Preparatory course, Chechen State University


    OMAR AHMED ABDELKHALEK MOHAMED SELIM, Egypt, 1st year Dentistry, Chechen State University


    Aaseem and Faheem Parak, 1st year students General Medicine, Chechen State University


    Masvino Charisma, 1st year student, Izhevsk State Technical University


    Dushyant Singh Rathore, 2nd year student of General Medicine at Dagestan State Medical University


    Pradhan Priyabrata, 2nd year student of General Medicine at Dagestan State Medical University


    Omar Bakr Fekrat, Iraq, Preparatory course at First Moscow State Medical University


    Pereko Lethabo, Namibia, 1st Moscow State Medical University


    Princella Seripenah, Ghana, 1st Moscow State Medical University, 1st year student, General Medicine


    Kaale Meke, Namibia, Siberian State Medical University, General Medicine


    Masango Alison Kudzai, Zimbabwe, Siberian State Medical University, General Medicine


    Anna Amunyela, Namibia

    – “My name is Anna Amunyela. I am from Namibia. I am studying here, in ИГМУ,Irkutsk State Medical University. I like this place, it’s nice and cold. And I even like our agents, they are so helpful.”


    Aubrey Simataa, Namibia

    – “Oh, hi! My name’s Aubrey. I’m from Namibia. I am studying at Irkutsk State Medical University. I’m a medical student. Yes, I like Irkutsk because it has beautiful life, beautiful people, they are welcoming. And teachers, and lectures are wonderful too, and the Russian language, although you get it there, soon or later we will speak the Russian language. So far so good! And…, yeah, let’s see! All right, buy, guys!”


    Maria Kayumbuka, Namibia

    – “Hi! My name is Maria. I am from Namibia and I am a student at Irkutsk State Medical University. Well, staying in Russia was really and is really a great experience because people here are totally very friendly and they are very loveable. So, you should totally come here!”


    Martha Awene, Namibia

    – “Hi! My name is Martha Awene. I am from Namibia, in Africa. I’m a medical student here, at Irkutsk Medical, State Medical University. This is my first year and my experience here coming to be as it was very wonderful. And I like this place, and I like the weather. I’ve got to meet new different people. Although, the communication grew a little cool that way. But I’m loving everything here so far, I would love to encourage everyone that want to come to study. It’s a very beautiful place, it’s very beautiful university. And everyone is welcome.”


    Muddaththir Carter, Namibia

    – “Hi! My name is Muddaththir Carter. I am from Namibia and I attend Irkutsk State Medical University, located in Russia, Siberia. Yes, this town is beautiful. The Russian people are friendly towards us and I love it here: the studies I have are Anatomy, Biophysics and Russian language and so forth. The teachers are very qualified in teaching and they are friendly and help us a lot to get by and understand what we are studying. In other words, I love it here.”


    Muhammad Idris, Nigeria

    – “My name is Muhammad Idris. I am from in Nigeria. I am second in my family. I came here to study Medicine because I love the place and people in it. And, actually, I love the University I am at, and I found the best teacher I have in our university, Tamara Izmailona. I so much love her. And I love the university as well. Thank you.”


    Musa Suleiman, Nigeria

    – “Hi! My name is Musa Suleiman. I’m from Nigeria. I study Medicine at Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia. I love my friends, teachers. I like being here because here it’s lively, it’s friendly, and the very school as well. Thank you.”


    Popat Musale, India

    – “Hi! My names’s is Popat Musale. This very pleasant to see Russia that the first time I leave my country. And it’s feeling very nice here because people are very good, they are all treating us very… er… in such a way that people don’t treat anyone in other countries. Er, and all people that we everywhere see light skinned and everything is well. Like, er… our teachers are very good. Before I didn’t do medicine at the university but now I can tell about university, it’s very good. In India we do not get such kind of university…er…offices that er..we got a chance to study in Russia. This is very presenting for me and for my family also. That’s all.”


    Queensly Adeyemi, Nigeria

    – “Privet! I am Queen from Nigeria and I’m studying Medicine at Irkutsk State Medical University, Russia. Irkutsk is a nice place, you’ll love it! The weather is cool, even when it’s cold, it’s manageable. And people here are nice and lovely and are accommodating. So, I advise u to come. Feel free to come! Bye, bye!”


    Rehabeam Angula, Namibia

    – “Hello, everyone! How are you? My name’s Rehabeam Angula. I’m medstudent in Russia, Irkutsk State Medical University, from Namibia. It’s good country, good place, good city, lovely. A little bit cold, although, I’m loving my stay here. Yeah, I am here with Russian Education Centre, yeah, they’ve been helpful for us. They helped us a lot through negotiation. Basically, they did everything for us, helping to us, thank you for that. Thank you! I’m loving the place, not wishing to go back home, yeah, good place.”


    Stephanie Dausab, Namibia

    – “Hi! My name’s Stephanie Dausab, I have come from Namibia. I study in Russia, in Irkutsk, and town called Irkutsk. I study Medicine, General Medicine at the moment. It’s very cold, to be honest. But people here are very friendly, and very welcoming, and caring as well. Er, the university is very nice, they try to help you in any way possible. The agency company is very good and very friendly. We don’t get away with everything, but they do help us when there are problems. And, yeah, I hope you’ll enjoy Irkutsk.”


    Mohamed Abdelrehim, Egypt

    – “Hello! My name is Mohamed. I am from Egypt. It is my first year at Irkutsk Medical State University. I would like to inform you that REC (Russian Educational Centre) did not leave us alone from first day arriving until now. The staff of REC helps us in everything we need such as doing visa extension, opening a bank account and so on. We always go in a group and we do not pay anything extra except the registration fee, which is so simple. We also have paid the study fee. I am studying here pediatric. I would like to say that the teaching staff at the university has very high level of knowledge.”


    Hlonipiso Mathambo, MBBS student, Siberian State Medical University

    Meiyarasan Kathiresan, MBBS Student, Siberian State Medical University


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