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Credit Transfer Students

    Credit Transfer Students

    Russian Universities accept qualified transfer students on the basis of curriculum and academic transcripts provided by students.

    We accept transfer students from all Universities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries as well as from all other countries.

    Transfer from Russia and CIS:

    Students who want to transfer to our universities from any university of the Russian Federation or CIS countries:
    For them, we have to count the academic difference and on the basis of their previous academic records, we will make their admissions. If the academic difference is less than 600 hours then we will accept them in their required year, if the academic difference is more than 600 hours then they have to join the last year of what they studied before.
    We provide our students with this service FREE OF COST.

    Transfer from all other Countries and Universities:

    Credit transfer process from all countries and universities except the Russian Federation and CIS countries need more documentation process than transfer from Russian universities.

    Student has to provide us with the complete transcript of subjects and credit hours details of his/her previous education.
    We will count the academic difference with the academic programs of our universities and we have to get an EQUALIZATION CERTIFICATE from the Ministry of Education of Russia to enable him/her to get admission in our Universities as a transfer student.

    Process of Equalization Certification and academic difference costs 1000 USD extra which the student has to pay.

    RUSSIAN EDUCATION CENTER provides complete information and we will do a complete transfer process for our students.

    The credit transfer process is done only by the RUSSIAN EDUCATION CENTER.

    Students who want to transfer their credits from any other country to any University in Russia should submit the following documents for admission:

    • Official academic transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities.
    • School Certificates
    • International Passport (travelling document)

    If student is accepted for credit transfer, then he/she has to bring the above-written documents in original (legalized by Embassy of the Russian Federation).

    These documents are submitted to the Ministry of Education of Russia for Certification, for calculation the Academic Difference, and the Credit hours. If the Ministry of Education finds the previous qualification equal to the Russian syllabus and curricula, the student receives an approval certificate to join desired year successfully, otherwise, the candidate must follow the recommendations set by the Ministry of Education.
    Applicants should send the scans of their transcripts by email and must produce originals attested by the Foreign Ministry of their country and legalized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

    Universities in Russia accept qualified transfer students from other universities. Universities in Russia operate on the semester system. Admission is based on a student’s overall academic record.
    Some programs are very competitive and the requirements for consideration will likely be higher.
    RUSIAN EDUCATION CENTER assists its applicants throughout the procedure.


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