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Branch offices

    Branch offices

    Russian Education Centre has local representative offices in all cities where our partner universities are established.
    Russian Education Centre has offices in the following cities of the Russian Federation:

    • Belgorod
    • Moscow
    • Makhachkala
    • Tomsk
    • Rybinsk
    • Grozny
    • Kazan
    • Nalchik
    • Pskov

    Our local offices staff is responsible for the following:

    • Meeting students at the airport;
    • Providing students with all necessary information about the University and living in Russia;
    • Making all necessary arrangements for students’ admission;
    • Making all necessary arrangements to provide students with comfortable accommodation;
    • Settling students at the University accommodation;
    • Assisting students in undergoing medical checkup (required by universities) every year;
    • Providing students with timetable and addresses of classes;
    • Informing applicants about medical insurance;
    • Extending students’ visa every year;
    • On behalf of students making tuition fee payments every year;
    • Organizing local sightseeing tours of the city and the region.


    RUSSIAN EDUCATION CENTRE has international offices in the following countries:

    • India
    • Zimbabwe
    • Namibia
    • Pakistan
    • Botswana
    • Ghana
    • Nigeria
    • The Republic of South Africa (RSA)
    • The Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Egypt
    • Zambia

    Our international offices staff responsibilities are:

    • To promote education in Russia via advertising it in newspapers, mass media etc.;
    • To participate in seminars on education;
    • To participate in educational exhibitions;
    • To provide students with information about Russia and Russian education;
    • To provide students with the complete information about admissions, tuition fee and visa;
    • To help students in preparing their documents;
    • To collect and process students documents for their university admissions;
    • To help students at the Embassy of the Russian Federation get Student visa ;
    • To provide students with assistance in booking air tickets;
    • To give students all needed information about the flight ;

    Students can contact our International offices for complete information and admission process.


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