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Gorno-Altai State University

    Gorno-Altai State University

    At present, GASU is a center of science, culture, and education in the Altai Republic.

    It includes Departments of Natural Sciences and Geography, History and Philology, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Economics and Law, Altai Studies and Turkic Languages, and the Institute of Physics & Mathematics and Engineering & Technology.

    The university prepares mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, geographers, historians, philologists, economists, lawyers, managers, bookkeepers, agriculturists, veterinary surgeons, dog breeders, psychologists, teachers, social workers, experts in the tourism industry and other fields of activity.

    The university is guided by leading achievements in the field of higher education:

    • Modern educational programs;
    • Module and rating system of training;
    • Development of initiative and independent work of students;
    • A combination of training and research work;
    • Use of modern computer technologies.


    • Faculty of Natural Geography
    • Faculty of History and Philology
    • Faculty of Psychology and Education
    • Faculty of Altaic and Turkic Studies
    • Faculty of Economics and Law
    • Physical-Mathematical and Engineering-Technological Institute
    • Agricultural College


    The Faculty of Economics and Law is a dynamic and confident looking into the future faculty of the Gorno-Altai State University, formed by the merger of the Faculty of Economics and Law on July 1, 2014. The Faculty of Economics was established in 1993. In 1998, with the opening of the specialty “Jurisprudence”, the Faculty of Economics was transformed into an economic and legal one. From 2003 to 2014 economic and law faculties developed independently.

    Graduates of the faculty work in senior positions, as chief and leading specialists in federal, republican, and local authorities, law enforcement agencies, justice agencies, the judiciary, and commercial structures. Many are successful entrepreneurs.

    Education at the faculty is conducted using modern technologies. The faculty has 4 modern computer classes, and 10 classrooms of the faculty are equipped with multimedia equipment and interactive whiteboards.


    The Physical-Mathematical and Engineering-Technological Institute (FMITI) was organized on April 1, 2017, based on the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the Faculty of Agricultural Technologies and Veterinary Medicine, and the Agricultural College. The unification of such important structures for the university, which implement both the areas of higher education training and secondary vocational education programs for the training of mid-level specialists, made it possible to effectively implement the activities of the university development strategy. Consolidation of the resource base makes it possible to increase the performance indicators in all types of activities inherent in the university (scientific, educational, educational, methodological).

    Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

    In 2013, the directions of training 02.03.01 “Mathematics and Computer Science” bachelor’s and master’s programs 01.04.01 “Complex analysis” were opened.


    International cooperation is considered one of the major focuses defining the development prospects of GASU. Today the university has good partners among educational and scientific institutions in Belgium, Germany, China, Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Spain, Tadzhikistan, France, and the USA.

    The international activity of the university is carried out in the following directions:

    • Joint research projects;
    • The international students’ mobility and academic exchanges;
    • Export of educational services.

    The university annually hosts international conferences and workshops to share experiences and discuss burning issues of ecology, biodiversity conservation, archaeology, philology, Turkic studies, education, and others. GASU faculty and students also present the results of their research at various scientific events taking place in other countries.


    The Career Center was created to promote the employment of students at the University.

    The content of the Career Center includes:

    • timely provision of students and graduates with information about available vacancies in the region and beyond;
    • advising students on issues of self-presentation, and career guidance and informing them about the state of the labor market.

    Modern society, dynamically changing, makes high demands on the labor market for young professionals. Today, to become successful, you need to be a Professional in your field.

    Gorno-Altai State University is an opportunity to get a QUALITY education, master additional professional programs, and acquire additional competencies that increase the competitiveness of a young specialist in the labor market.


    The Scientific and Technical Library of Gorno-Altaisk State University was founded in 1949, concurrently with the foundation of the Gorno-Altaisk Teacher Training Institute. It was created to house the collection of Moscow State Teacher Training Institute named after K.Libkneht, which was evacuated during the Great Patriotic War. It donated almost 8 thousand various editions to the new institute. This fund contained unique historical, scientific, and reference books as well as textbooks. Thanks to this gift, GASU library is the owner of a collection of rare books, dating from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, which is actively used by undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, and researchers.

    Today the GASU library is a modern automated division providing access to Russian and foreign printed and electronic publications. The library actively creates its own electronic resources: the electronic catalog, bibliographic databases, and full-text electronic collections on various subjects. The book fund of the library grows every year. Today it consists of over 500,000 units.


    All international students are provided with comfortable accommodation in university dormitories. All hostels are conveniently located

    Experienced psychologists and highly professional specialists work with foreign students to help them adapt to life in Russia, especially in dormitories. Because of representatives of about 50 nationalities live in the dormitory, the university promotes a friendly attitude toward people of different nations and religions, respecting their traditions and customs. increase.



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