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Dagestan State Medical University

    Dagestan State Medical University

    About city

    Makhachkala is the capital city of the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. It is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea and is home to the Makhachkala Grand Mosque, one of Russia’s largest. As of the 2010 Census, the city had a population of 572,076, making it the largest in the North Caucasus Federal District. It is a cultural, economic, scientific, and tourist center of the region.

    The central mosque of Makhachkala (Imam Shamil Avenue) is one of the biggest mosques in Europe. It is similar to the famous “Blue mosque” located in Istanbul. The mosque is becoming larger every year retaining however its proportions and harmony. Originally the mosque was meant for 6,000-7,000 people. As it was expanded, 17,000 people can stay inside at the same time.

    The climate is temperate continental. Summers are hot, winters are very mild. The average temperature in January is +1.2 degrees Celsius, in July – +24.7 degrees C.

    Makhachkala is a major tourist and health center. Thanks to the warm climate and favorable geomagnetic environment, a large number of resorts and treatment centers can be found near the city.

    “Uytash” international airport, located about 12 km from the city, is the main airport of Dagestan Republic. The airport offers flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody, Rostov-on-Don, Surgut. Russian Railways via the North Caucasus Railway provides freight and passenger traffic to and from Makhachkala. The Caspian Sea International Port handles crude oil, petroleum, construction materials, grain, cargo and timber and operates 24 hours a day. The port offers communications with the rest of Russia, as well as with Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Iran, Turkey and Central Asia. A railyard at the port connects the port to the North Caucasus Railway network.

    Makhachkala industrial plants are specialized in wood processing, metal working, electronic, fish processing.

    Today, Makhachkala is home to more than 60 nationalities. According to the 2010 census, the population consisted of:

    • Avars (26.15%),
    • Dargins (15.48%),
    • Kumyks (15.12%),
    • Lezgins (14.77%),
    • Laks (13.97%),
    • Russians (6.28%),
    • Tabasarans (2.28% ),
    • Rutuls (1.41%),
    • Aguls (1.04%),
    • Azerbaijanis (1.03%),
    • Tsakhurs (0.45%),
    • Tatars (0.36%),
    • Armenians (0.26%),
    • Nogai (0.22%), Chechens (0.19%).

    Makhachkala museums and art galleries

    • Dagestan State Historical and Architectural Museum named after A. Tahoe Godi (Lenin Square, 53),
    • Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts named after P.S.Gamzatova (Gorky Street, 8),
    • Museum of Military Glory (Lenin Komsomol Park),
    • Museum of the History of Dagestan Theaters (Lenin Street, 38),
    • Reserve-Museum – the Ethnographic Complex “Dagestan village” (Gamzatov Avenue, 12b),
    • Museum of the City of Makhachkala (Peter I Avenue, Ak-Gel park),
    • Museum of the History of the Fishing Industry of Dagestan (Pushkin Street, 37),
    • Exhibition Hall of the Artists Union of the Republic of Dagestan,
    • Museum of Musical Culture of Dagestan.

    Makhachkala state theaters

    • Avar Music and Drama Theater named after Gamzat Tsadas (Pushkin Street, 1),
    • Russian State Music and Drama Theater named after A.M.Gorky (Gamzatov Avenue, 46),
    • Kumyk State Music and Drama Theater named after A.P.Salavatov (Buynaksky Street, 10),
    • Lak State Music and Drama Theater named after E. Kapiev (Gamzatov Avenue, 38),
    • Dagestan State Puppet Theater (Gamzatov Avenue, 40),
    • Dagestan State Opera and Ballet Theater (Gamzatov Avenue, 38),
    • Republican Center of Culture (Lenin Square, 2),
    • State Theater of Song “Djislam” (Buynaksky Street, 10).

    About Dagestan State Medical University

    Dagestan State Medical University is a higher education institution in the Republic of Dagestan. It is a 83-year-old medical institution, which was formed in 1932. Dagestan State Medical University is a major educational, scientific and medical center.  The structure of Dagestan State Medical University consists of 5 faculties, 75 departments, Institute of Human Ecology, consultative and diagnostic polyclinic, College of Medicine, Department of Computer and Information center technical support, analytical department, Internet Point, Scientific Medical Library, Sports Complex, publishing and printing center.

    At DSMU a highly qualified teaching staff has been formed, which is characterized by high professionalism and dedication to their profession. At Dagestan State Medical University there are 736 teachers. Among them, 121 – doctors and professors, 429 associate professors, 4 Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation, 41 Honored Scientists, 24 Honorary Doctors of Russia, and 15  honored inventors and innovators. Currently, Dagestan State Medical University enrolls 5,200 students in 6 specialties, among them there are more than 170 foreign students from 12 countries. Over the past 83 years, Dagestan State Medical University has become a real medical school of research which has created more than 27,000 doctors.

    Dagestan State Medical University is one of the best universities to study medicine for international students as it has an innovative academic, research and organizational structure that includes 5 faculties, 75 departments, 7 filial branches, 2 museums (historical and biological), a fundamental library containing more than 2.5 million volumes, a biological station and a planetarium. It also has its own seaside recreation base, a sports complex, a clinic and student’s resort center.

    The university organizes many seminars, conferences, exhibitions where our students participate. All teaching staff and students annually take part in international conferences across the globe. Dagestan State Medical University is recognized and accredited by various governing bodies. It is known for making innovations in the field of medicine and science.

    Specialists who have graduated from Dagestan State Medical University, have always been known for their strong educational background obtained at this higher educational institution.

    Benefits of studying at Dagestan State Medical University

    • Dagestan State Medical University provides students with world-class education and helps them be full of new opportunities and ideas which help you to shape your future.
    • Dagestan State Medical University has 14 basic research laboratories to meet educational requirements of students.
    • The university encourages students to take an active part in a wide variety of athletic programs.
    • Students participate in different sports competitions including football, tennis, basketball, swimming in summer or skiing and skating in winter.
    • Dagestan State Medical University has 4 Research Institutes (Research Institute of Biology, Research Institute of Socio-Economic and ethno-Cultural Problems of the Peoples of Dagestan, Research Institute of Applied Ecology and Research Institute of Law).
    • Studying at Dagestan university, students are receiving not only theoretical knowledge, but also all kinds of necessary practical skilled knowledge.

    Field of study:

    • General Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • Dentistry
    • Public health and preventive medicine
    • Pharmacy


    Accommodation for students of Dagestan State Medical University is provided to students at a very affordable price. There is no compromise for maintaining a hostel, classroom, laboratory or canteen. So, the entire university is maintained well. The hostels have all kinds of necessary facilities for our students.

    All rooms are cozy, well-furnished and comfortable to live. A bed, a mattress, a pillow, a blanket, a desk, chairs as well as access to Internet are given to every single Student at the University. It is located in 10-15 minutes’ walk from most shops, cafes etc.

    In winter, all rooms are heated and the average temperature indoors is +25 degrees Celsius. A student hostel has kitchens, living rooms, laundries, well-maintained toilets and bathrooms with showers of hot and cold water supply.

    In a kitchen on sharing basis for several rooms you may prepare food according to your individual taste and wishes. A plenty of food products from all over the world may be found in different supermarkets and stores which are available in a really big quantity in the city. You may also have set lunch or breakfast in the student canteens which are available in our educational establishment and are characterized by a great variety of food.



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