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Siberian State Medical University

    Siberian State Medical University

    • Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk
    • Siberian State Medical Institute, Tomsk
    • Siberian State Medical Academy, Tomsk
    • Siberian State Medical School, Tomsk

    SSMU Timeline

    1878 –Alexander II established Tomsk Imperial University as the Faculty of Medicine

    1888 June, 22 –The official opening date

    1930 –The Faculty of Medicine of Tomsk State University was converted/reorganized to Tomsk Medical Institute

    1992 –Tomsk Medical Institute received university status and changed its name to Siberian State Medical University

    Siberian State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Russia. Its history dates back to 1878, when the Emperor Alexander II founded the first university in the Asian part of Russia. Imperial Tomsk University opened in 1888 with only one faculty – the Faculty of Medicine.

    Founded more than 135 years ago, the university was originally formed as a research and educational center. Over the years, the University has become one of the best educational, scientific and medical complexes in Russia for training and certification of healthcare professionals in the field of surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, pathology, histology, pharmacology, microbiology and many others.

    SSMU today includes 7 faculties, Medical and Pharmaceutical College, Central Research Laboratory, 8 research centers, interdisciplinary teaching and research laboratories and its own clinics, three anatomic Museums with unique collections and the region’s largest scientific medical library.

    IMG 8045   For many years Siberian State Medical University has been among the top five leading medical universities in Russia according to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The university enrolls more than 5000 people annually. From year to year there is a steady increase in the number of students coming to study in the Siberian State Medical University from other regions of Russia, CIS and from abroad.


    1. Siberian State Medical University is ranked in the top 3 medical schools and in top 30 higher educational institutions top 30 higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation (2015).
    2. Annually SSMU provides education to over 5 000 students from all parts of Russia and CIS region as well as many foreign countries (Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Mongolia). The University can boast of over 80% academic faculty with academic degrees (375 MDs, DMedSci). Over 60 000 doctors and pharmacists have graduated from the University over the years; over 40 000 specialists have beencertified.
    3. SSMU provides students with exellent education and a valid medical degree.Siberian State Medical University provides an exceptional educational environment for students interested in careers in healthcare as doctors or scientists exploring clinical investigation and research.Siberian State Medical University is one of the few medical universities in Russia with its own university hospital, research centers and laboratories, anatomical museums with unique collections, the largest Scientific Medical Library in Siberia and many other facilities.
    4. SSMU graduates are highly qualified professionals.The knowledge gained during the studies is put into practice in one of two European accredited training simulation centers in Russia. Among the SSMU graduates are the leading doctors of Russian and foreign clinics: more than 700 doctors, 42 academicians, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation.University graduates are in high demand throughout the country. Our graduates work in all regions of Russia, CIS, Germany, Norway, Israel, the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, South Korea, Sweden, the Czech Republic.
    5. Studying at SSMU is interesting and enjoyable.Siberian State Medical University offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to enrich their student life with different activities. Students can participate in year-round recreation, including football, tennis, basketball, swimming in summer, or skiing and skating in winter. A number of interest-based clubs and student organizations are available at the University: a student scientific society, volunteer clubs, English speaking club, and many others.

    Undergraduate programs:

    Whether you are interested in a careers in healthcare as a doctors/physicians or as a scientists exploring clinical investigation and research, Siberian State Medical University has what you are looking for. Our medical and graduate programs are ranked among the top in the nation and our academic faculty, scientists, and healthcare professionals are best experts in their fields.

    Table programs:

    Program Description Language of Instruction Exams
    General Medicine GP/Physician (MD)

    6 years

    English English Medium:

    Biology, Chemistry, English

    Russian Russian Medium:

    Biology, Chemistry, Russian

    General Medicine Pediatrics (MD)

    6 years

    Russian Biology, Chemistry, Russian
    Pediatrics Pediatrics (MD)

    6 years

    Russian Biology, Chemistry, Russian
    Pharmacy 5 years Russian
    Bio-medicine 6 years Russian
    Health Care Management and Social Work 5 years Russian
    Preparatory Department 1 year Training courses in the Russian language, biology, chemistry, and physics.

    Department of General Medicine

    The Department of General Medicine is the university’s oldest department. It consists of 29 theoretical and clinical divisions, which makes it one of the largest departments at Siberian State Medical University. The duration of study is 6 years.

    Faculty of Professional Development and Retraining

    The Faculty of Professional Development and Retraining is one of the largest centers of additional professional education in the Russian Federation, it comprises 11 departments and 9 courses where 77 specialties are available for further training.

    The faculty provides courses to raise the level of skills in all directions of training specialists at SSMU.

    The Faculty offers various forms of training:

    • Short-term (2 weeks) intensive seminars
    • Continuing medical education (1-2 months)
    • Advanced medical specialization training (4-6 months)

    Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers (professors, associate professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences). Upon graduation, students are rewarded standard form documents (certificates of vocational retraining, professional certificates and certificates of advanced training).


    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
    • Regenerative medicine, Physiotherapy and Health Resort
    • Infectious Diseases
    • Cardiology
    • General practice and outpatient therapy
    • Pediatrics
    • Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
    • Therapy
    • Pharmacy
    • Surgery

    Training and refreshment courses are conducted in the following specialties:

    • Radiodiagnosis and radiotherapy
    • Medical Genetics
    • Medical and Biological Cybernetics
    • Neuroscience
    • Public health and healthcare
    • Ophthalmology
    • Urology
    • Endocrinology

    Academic calendar:

    One academic year lasts for 10 months (September – June) and consists of two terms/semesters.

    Autumn semester 1 September 1 – 31 January 17 academic weeks and 2 examination weeks
    Spring semester 1 February 1 – 30 June 18 academic weeks and 3 examination weeks

    Address: 2 Moskovsky trakt, Tomsk, 634055



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